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Emma Stockton

Was born and grew up in Scotland. Has lived in various parts of the world. Has lived and worked in the Cologne/Bonn/Düsseldorf area since 1996.

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About me – my background

We Scots have always been a nation of travellers and my family is no exception. I can remember as a small child my uncle coming to visit us from India, where he lived. He took over my mother's kitchen to make curry, soon filling our house with strange and exotic smells. For me it has always felt natural to have relatives in many far-flung corners of the world. I guess this is why I have always had a fascination for foreign cultures and places and an insatiable interest in being around and getting to know people of all walks of life.

When I need a break, I can often be found taking long walks through the beautiful countryside around Cologne or in the south-west of Scotland. I also love rustling up exotic meals for friends and family. Sometimes I bake traditional Scottish Shortbread - a sweet butter-based biscuit, which occasionally makes its way into the stomachs of my course participants!